Registration Open to Become a Treats for Troops Collection Site!

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September 07, 2017

Registration is now open for those interested in becoming an official Halloween Candy collection site for the 2017 Soldiers' Angels Treats for Troops Program. Treats for Troops is a program in which local businesses, traditionally but not limited to dental offices, agree to accept excess Halloween candy from kids in exchange for goodies. Through the Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops program, businesses can register to serve as a collection site for this program. Not only will you be serving the community by buying back candy and removing it from the mouths of children, but also serving our service members, wounded heroes, and veterans. For families with too much candy in your home, this is your opportunity to support a good cause, allow your kids to earn prizes, and receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation. This year, our goal is to collect 17,000 pounds of candy for our service members and veterans! Click here to learn more about Treats for Troops or to register as an official collection site

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Qualifying for Disability Benefits as a Veteran

September 19, 2017

A special guest blog from Disability Benefits Help with information for wounded veterans receiving disability benefits. Did you know that you are potentially eligible for Social Security benefits? While the two programs are both offered by the US government, each has its own technical eligibility criteria. Fortunately, a VA disability approval can go a long way towards your Social Security disability approval. Learn more about the differences and how to find out if you can qualify.

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Support for Veterans Affected by Hurricane Irma

September 19, 2017

Our country has been hit hard by the recent hurricanes. First Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma... millions of our fellow citizens have been affected by these disasters, and many of them are veterans. Individuals who have fought for our country are now in need of someone to fight for them. What's worse? Another storm is forming as we speak... and we still have weeks left of hurricane season. We need to come together now and help the veterans affected by Hurricane Irma and future hurricanes. 

Can you fight for the veterans who have so gallantly fought for you?

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Adopt-A-Family Open for Military/Veteran Family Registration

September 18, 2017

We are excited to announce that our Adopt-A-Family Program is officially open for 2017 registration! Through this unique program, sponsors can ‘adopt’ a qualified military or veteran family for the holiday season. The sponsor will then provide gifts for the children as well as a grocery gift card or prepaid credit card for them to purchase their holiday dinner and trimmings. As of today, the program is open for military and veteran families to register for support and open for individuals/groups/businesses to register to 'adopt' families. Click here for full details on the Soldiers' Angels Adopt-A-Family program. 

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Suicide Prevention: Know the Signs & Speak Up

September 15, 2017

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. We encourage you to take some time and learn the warning signs and how to reach out for help. Nearly 30,000 Americans commit suicide every year and about 18% of those suicides are veterans. In fact, roughly 20 veterans commit suicide every day nationwide. Learn more now-- it might just save a life. 

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Afghanistan School Supply Update

September 12, 2017

Recently, we brought you the story about Soldiers' Angels 'Angel' volunteers Supporting the Education of Girls in Afghanistan and now we have some exciting updates! We also wanted to take the time to highlight some of the Angels who have helped in a big way and tell some truly touching stories of how communities have come together to provide these girls with the tools they need to learn. Read the latest news about the Angels helping in Afghanistan here.

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Helping Children Cope with Grief

September 11, 2017

A special guest blog highlights some valuable tips on how to help children deal with the grief of losing a loved one. This important life lesson can often be very difficult for parents to teach their children, but these tips will help you and your child navigate the turbulent waters of grief

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Patti Patton-Bader, Soldiers' Angels, and How 9/11 Influenced it All

The 9/11 tragedy affected every American in a different way. For Soldiers' Angels founder, Patti-Patton Bader, whose son was deployed to Afghanistan shortly after the war began, September 11th inspired her to provide support for the people fighting overseas. Read the full story here.

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Holiday Stockings for Military and Veterans

September 06, 2017

Let's come together this holiday season and show our deployed service members and veterans how much we appreciate them! Soldiers' Angels Holiday Community Partner Program works specifically during the holiday season to provide cards, letters, and stuffed stockings for our troops and veterans. As combat deployments have drawn down many charities, including Soldiers' Angels, have discontinued the acceptance of holiday cards and letters to the troops- the volume of cards and letters exceeded our distribution abilities. While most charities will not, Soldiers' Angels will continue to accept your holiday cards and letters from our Holiday Community Partner members only! Each card and/or letter must be placed into a stocking filled with goodies for our troops and veterans. Soldiers' Angels will deliver your stockings to a deployed service member or veteran patient. Registration for this unique holiday program is now open. Learn more or register to pledge stockings here. 

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Operation Top Knot Loves Babies!

Deployment can be extremely stressful for military families when it coincides with the birth of a child. The Soldiers' Angels Operation Top Knot team primarily focuses on supporting families at home while they are separated from their deployed family member. They do this by shopping for (and making) baby items for their expecting family. Each new or expectant mother receives a virtual shower from angels across the country. Much of what is sent is actually handmade by our talented angels! Learn more about this unique team and all they ways they help welcome the newest military family members.

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Support for Veterans Affected by Hurricane Harvey

The situation in Texas is direThousands of people are in need of assistance to escape the rapidly rising flood waters and devastation left behind from Hurricane Harvey. Emergency crews and volunteers from around the country are en route to provide much-needed assistance... and the rain just keeps coming. Soldiers' Angels is collecting donations to help support all veterans affected by this historic hurricane. Proceeds will help provide basic needs for veterans and their families. Many of these families have lost everything. We need to pull together now to show our support. Can you help us support veterans on the Texas coast affected by Hurricane Harvey?  

Photo by Capt. Martha Nigrelle, Texas National Guard


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Celebrating K-9 Service Members for National Dog Day

National Dog Day is Saturday, August 26th. The U.S. military has about 2,500 active Military Working Dogs (MWDs) today, with 700 or so deployed at any one timeThese intelligent canines go through rigorous training. They’re trained to attack, track, and detect bombs, gases, weapons and drugs. Angels on the Soldiers' Angels Deployed Adoptions Team can sign-up to adopt a service member who has a K-9. Currently, we have 13 troops registered who have K-9s. Here are a few of them.